Chris LackeyFront-end UX • IA • IxD Designer/Developer

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  • "What I like the most about Afternic is their dedication to innovation and this new site really does take things to the next level."
  • "[...] very happy with the new interface and it all has to do with the new portfolio management UI."
  • "The interface is incredibly clean and responsive making it easier than ever [...]"
  • "It’s a thing of beauty [...] They hit it out of the park with this one"

GoDaddy acquires Afternic

Since the redesign's launch in October of last year, Afternic has been redefining how people buy and sell domains. It was a huge undertaking, and Chris was proud to work with the team at NameMedia to build a user experience that is still unparalleled in the industry.

Chris designed and built the front end of the site from start to finish over the course of nine months, and in October of this year, GoDaddy acquired Afternic from NameMedia for an undisclosed amount in the tens of millions. press release

I've had the opportunity to work with some amazing people.